Sponsor Sales

Hold the spotlight amongst your peers!  Meeting sponsorships are currently available our 2016-17 membership year.  

  1. Sponsors will also be able to distribute literature at the dinner meeting by placing the items on the chairs in the meeting room.

v     Sponsors will be listed on the Estate Planning Council Meeting Announcements as the Meeting Sponsor which is sent to all members, prospective members and past members.

v    Sponsors will be given a three-minute segment during the dinner program to introduce themselves to the group.

 v     Sponsors will be given a link from the Estate Planning Council website to their website for the quarter in which they sponsor a meeting.

 v     One dinner for the Sponsor will be provided at no additional cost.  Any guest(s) of the Meeting Sponsor will be required to pay for their dinner(s).

 v     Cost for the meeting sponsorship is $400.00

To secure your sponsorship, contact Melissa Simpson at 717-317-9117 or mag.goulet@me.com


~~Directory Sponsorships~~

Our membership directory will be printed and distributed to our membership in October. 

Cover Ad's are available for $400.00.  Space is limited, Contact Melissa Simpson at 717-317-9117